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Terms of Service

Terms and Conditions Star Guardian Urns and Keepsakes

1. Scope of delivery
The delivery of the object of purchase takes place in accordance with the sales documents.

We reserve the right to make minor design changes.

Minor deviations do not entitle to raise a notice of defects.

2nd prize
The price lists valid at the time the contract is concluded apply.
The price lists are subject to change.

3. Terms of Payment
Invoices are payable within 20 days by post or bank transfer in Swiss francs. After expiry of the payment period according to paragraph 1, default interest of 5% is due without further reminder.

3. Custom-made products

Unless otherwise agreed, for orders outside of our range, especially for custom-made products, the customer bears the costs incurred by the supplier. Such orders will only be accepted in writing. Custom-made products or modifications of products that have been carried out specifically at the customer's request are non-returnable and will be charged separately.

4. Minimum order value
The minimum value per order must be CHF 980.

5. Shipping and packaging costs
All processing, packaging and shipping costs are free of charge for the buyer.

6. Shipping and Risk of Loss
The contractual products are checked upon dispatch and packaged in a manner customary in the trade.
Danger and risk with regard to shipped contractual products are transferred to the buyer when the shipment is dispatched.

7. Guarantees
The contractual products are shipped with official delivery notes.
Guarantee work will only be carried out upon presentation of the official guarantee certificate.
Apart from the warranty claims expressly listed in the warranty certificate, the buyer is not entitled to any defect rights.

8. Returns
Ordered contractual products are deemed to have been firmly purchased. Without written consent
no contractual products will be taken back.

9. Governing Law/Jurisdiction
Swiss law is exclusively applicable to the contractual relationship.


10. Data protection and data security
We treat your data confidentially and in compliance with the principles of the Swiss Data Protection Act (DSG). Detailed information can be found in our privacy policy .

11. Intellectual property rights

Star Guardian urns and keepsakes is a registered trademark and the design of the Star Guardian such as the interchangeable module ring is protected.
In any case, Sternenwächter reserves the right to take legal action against any infringement by third parties.

Status: August 2022

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